Mystery Shoppers are specialists in the field of mystery shopping and customer satisfaction research.  

Our huge database of shoppers (256,000 and growing) means we can match your typical customer profile, delivering an accurate picture of the customer experience.

We are customer service consultants who work with you to achieve your customer service objectives using mystery shopping and customer satisfaction research, so the service we offer involves providing you with a whole lot more than just a set of data – our aim is to provide you with a complete customer service management solution.


Mystery Shopping answers a lot of questions. You might be:

a retailer who needs to know how well your outlets conform with your policies

a franchisor wishing to ensure your franchisees are upholding your brand values

an insurer who wants to know what premiums your competitors are charging

a financial services company ensuring advisors comply with regulations

a local authority wanting to know how quickly email enquirers get a response

a business wanting to know how your competitors respond to enquiries


You can use mystery shopping as the basis for Continuous Improvement Programmes and staff performance management - so you won’t just find out what needs fixing, you will have a programme which will change staff behaviour and fix the issues highlighted.

You can have us run workshops for your managers and/or staff and you can take advantage of our management consultancy service as well as both off-the-shelf and bespoke training programmes.

You'll find we have clients in virtually every significant industry so the odds are we have experience of mystery shopping your type of business.

We’ve pretended to be betting shops, scientists, installation engineers, bikers, students, foreign doctors, hairdressers, plumbers, dentists, caravanners, pregnant women, bankrupt, hard-of-hearing, teenagers looking for contraception, pensioners buying insurance and trainee teachers.

We’ve recruited Chinese gamblers, housing tenants, disabled mystery shoppers and males to take the last dance at a lap-dancing club (to ensure nothing is occurring which contravenes the licence).

We’ve set up plumbing blockages and car faults. We’ve cheated in exams (to check the invigilators are alert), parked illegally (to test the council’s parking wardens), shoplifted (to check the security systems) and gone on timeshare holidays. We’ve parked bicycles to see how quickly they get stolen (quickest was 75 minutes – in Croydon). We even have our own dummy businesses with websites.

But all that aside, our case studies demonstrate that a programme set up in accordance with our advice WILL show clear and positive change.

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